Based in Troissy, in the heart of the Marne valley, the domaine Hervé Mathelin has crafted wines of individual character – bearing witness to their vision - for four generations. Today, Nicolas and Janique, now joined by their son Florian, continue this family tradition and know-how while at the same time bringing a touch of modernity.

Our mastery of the quality of the grapes, our passion for wine, the pleasure of getting to know you and seeing you appreciate our champagnes – these give us the greatest pleasure.

The vineyards

For a number of years, our Domaine has been convinced that the quality of a champagne is the result of careful and respectful work in the vineyards themselves. We have therefore taken on board a sustainable way of working, co-operating as closely as possible with nature herself, to ensure we gain the best from our soil – our « terroir ». Biodiversity in the vineyards is essential, so we aim to respect the environment and preserve all species ; because of this we can pass everything on safely to future generations.

The flourishing of our vines is assured as a result of us totally respecting the plant, which then gives us grapes of perfect quality which have uniquely refined flavours.

Our key words : know-how, respecting the soil (‘terroir’), listening to the ‘uniqueness of our vineyards’ as well as the overall environment.

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Our cellars

Hervé Mathelin champagnes are produced with the greatest possible respect for the traditions of champagne making.

From the first fermentation to the bottling for the second fermentation, from turning the bottles (to help the sediment settle in the neck of each bottle) to removing this sediment – known as « disgorging » - until we send off the finished bottles to serve at your own table, each bottle benefits - step by step – of our family know-how, passed on from generation to generation.

Our wines rest quietly in the darkness of our cellars so that their subtlety grows as time passes and they move to total maturity. From the care we give to our vines to the perfect mastery of the wine-making process, everything possible is done to offer you different champagnes of real individuality.

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Our champagnes

This can be at midday, or at midnight...
Drunk on its own or with a superb meal...
With friends or within the family...
During a festive party...
Perhaps also to celebrate a victory...
Or even to soften a defeat...
At any time, anywhere...
There aren’t any rules...

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Contact details

Janique MATHELIN will welcome you to the domain.

She will be delighted to meet you, to talk about their range of champagnes and to help you discover them – that is if you don’t know them already...

Please note that, while you are in the region, it is important to make an appointment if you wish to visit.

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How to find us

TEL : +33(0)

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